Video: Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Walkthrough

Unlike a racing game (Cough...GT5) that seems to have perfected the art of delaying its long awaited release, Electronic Arts’ doesn’t have that problem. As a matter of fact, they’ve just released a new explainer video for the Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit game’s Dark Horse mode.

Essentially described as ‘cop mode’, the Dark Horse mode allows gamers the opportunity to fine-tune their skills in the art of chase downs to prevent those naughty racers from crossing the finish line. Short of saying, this explainer video is like a NFS version of cop chase training, complete with drifting, flipping race cars, car crashes, and, of course, explosions.

Who knows, after watching this video, you might end up being so addicted to this game that you forget all about that other console racing game that’s “supposed” to make it’s debut this holiday season.

Or maybe not. But, hey, this game is still a pretty good way to relive all those childhood fantasies of being a cop on a breathtaking car chase.


Source: Cinema Blend

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