If this game had any more trailer videos, we probably would be soiling our pants by now. Fortunately, good wits came through when we needed it and we managed to keep ourselves dry.

Of course, it also helps to know that the new Need for Speed: SHIFT 2 Unleashed game is set to be released here in the US today, March 29th, 2011. The wait is finally over, people. All those sleepless nights will finally come to a head and if you haven’t made reservations for the game yet, then you better get those orders done as soon as you can.

But if you already have all of your bases covered and you’re just set for the game to hit the shelves, then we invite you to take a look at the final trailer for the video game, one that we’re pretty sure will amp up your excitement a few notches higher - if it hasn’t already.


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  (434) posted on 04.1.2011

You nearly wet your pants, childish huh. But then again, I can’t help but let my hands twitch as if holding a controller. Damn Need For Speed game.

  (498) posted on 03.31.2011

I was nearly drooling when I saw the first few trailers of this one. And I nearly wet my pants when playing the game. This is really good.

  (409) posted on 03.31.2011

Finally, after all those trailers, I got to play the game with a friend. And I can say that goggling at all those clips was really worth it as the game is really great.

  (447) posted on 03.30.2011

The good thing is that they haven’t copied the GT5 for delaying the released date. Well, Im also excited about this game. I really don’t know what to expect because i don’t want to be disappointed. However, I wonder who’s better GT5 or NFS?

  (613) posted on 03.30.2011

Well, I don’t need any trailer anymore. The last three that I have seen is enough to convince me to get this one immediately. Happy days are here again.

  (541) posted on 03.30.2011

Well, that last trailer certainly made me want to get my copy of the game now. I am really looking forward to spending some hours on NFS this weekend.

  (25) posted on 03.29.2011

Finally the most popular game will be on shelves. I can’t wait to lay my hands on these and play this game. I wonder how many new twists and turns, new challenges and exciting developments introduced in this version.

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