Video game season is fast approaching and you can bet your bottom dollar that gamers of all shapes and sizes are lining up their pockets for a chance to get first dibs at the latest games to drop on shelves in the coming weeks.

One of the video game genres that is expected to receive a throng of new games is racing, thanks in large part to the eagerly-anticipated releases of Gran Turismo 5 for the Playstation 3 and Forza 3 for the Xbox 360. But if there’s one game that has gone under the radar because of, well, the overwhelming hype surrounding the GT5 and Forza 3, it’s Need for Speed SHIFT.

Arguably the most successful – and longest running – racing game franchise, Need for Speed gave us a taste of how real video game auto racing can get with its latest offering, Need for Speed SHIFT. Developed by one of the foremost authorities in video gaming, Electronic Arts, Need for Speed SHIFT produces an unparalleled glimpse of three of America’s most hallowed racing circuits namely, Laguna Seca, Road America, and Willow Springs. The game goes into full detail of each track and gives gamers an unprecedented – and realistic – racing experience.

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It’s easy to say that sales of GT5 and Forza will fly off the shelves as soon as they go on sale butfor then again, don’t underestimate the Need for Speed SHIFT when it goes on sale all over the US and Canada on September 15. If you’re the type who appreciates realism, this game comes fully loaded with everything you’ll need in a car racing video game.

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