With every passing trailer Need For Speed releases for their new game, "The Run", we’re becoming more and more convinced that we need to get this game as an early Christmas present when it hits shelves this November.

In the latest installment of what now appears to be a trailer series, Jack finds himself in the snow-capped mountains of Colorado. Facing a choice at taking the long route through Independence Pass but losing valuable time in the process, the renegade hero decides to throw common sense out the window. He finds himself bracing the treacherous shortcut in his BMW M3 GTS as it maneuvers in and out of falling rocks that were caused by an avalanche.

Only the craziest of people racing for their lives will dare challenge Mother Nature and her wrath, and live to tell about it. But if you’re as desperate as our man Jack is, then nothing’s stopping you from getting to New York as fast as possible...inclement weather be damned.


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  (342) posted on 08.22.2011

I love this game ever since. I like playing need for speed because if the action and thrill it provides. Now that they create another version of this game, I’m sure that this is going to be a big hit. When can I buy one?

  (399) posted on 08.22.2011

Oh yes, I would say that this is the coolest teaser video for Need For Speed that I have seen so far. By the way, how many teasers that they have released and yet the debut of this car game is still unknown..I acquiesce that this would be perfect Christmas gift idea.

  (474) posted on 08.22.2011

 Everytime I saw a teaser video for this awesome car game,it makes me realize on when will be the actual released for this game?I don’t want to think that this can be alike on what was occurred to the GT5. I desire to receive this one as my Christmas gift.lol

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