Video: Need For Speed: The Run trailer for the iPhone and the iPad

The good thing about technology these days, as far as video game developers are concerned, is the wide array of platforms they can come on. No longer are we limited to video game consoles now that smartphones and tablets have become a popular tool for the vast majority of the population.

EA Games, the developer of Need For Speed: The Run, is taking advantage of this wider access to video games with the release of the trailer for the game on the iPad and the iPhone.

You read that right, folks. We now have iPad and iPhone trailers.

Since the game is already out for the PS3 and Xbox platforms, the next step is to bring all the action to the iPad and iPhone. That’s what the trailer is for. And even if it doesn’t come with the same cutting edge graphics as that of the console versions, it still something that should be a good download.

Besides, the iPad and the iPhone have one thing going for them that the PS3 and the Xbox don’t: you can take those two anywhere you go, and in doing so, play NFS: The Run anytime and anywhere.


Source: Need for Speed

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  (321) posted on 02.20.2012

eed for Speed was truly extreme in all aspects. It was a great news that NFS would be in the iPhone too. smiley 

  (242) posted on 01.16.2012

Hey! This one is pretty amazing! The trailer is so cool! Too bad I am not an owner of either an iPhone or an iPad. smiley But if I own one, I will put this on my smartphone.

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