When BMW decided that the next-generation M5 would cease the use of that unmistakable V10 engine and instead drop it to a twin-turbo V8, the public outcry could be heard miles and miles away.

After all, the V10 engine and the M5 have become synonymous with each other, and not being able to hear the same power come out of the M5 will definitely take some getting used to.

Recently – and amid the camouflage it came with – BMW took the new 5-Series out to the Nurburgring for some laps of testing. It’s hard to make out what the car looks like but for those who are worried that the new 5-Series would lack the bite of its V10 predecessors, we invite you to watch the video of the camouflaged 5-Series and listen to that unbridled roar from the engine. You can’t tell much of a difference, can you?


Source: BMW Blog

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