Video: Nissan 370Z vs. Mexican Chicken

We see a lot of funny commercials now and again, but rarely does one make us sit back in our chairs and let out a loud guffaw. Ladies and Gentleman, meet Pepe, a Mexican chicken ready to start its battle with the popular Nissan 370Z. There will be no eye-gouging or scratching, but there will be plenty of laughs and speed.

The marketing geniuses that came up with this idea have summed it up as follows: "A Mexican chicken? Up against the meat-eating Nissan 370Z? The things we do to prove a point. By the way, those of a nervous disposition, look away now."

This is the point where we have to clear up some things for the boneheads out there. Do NOT try this at home. A chicken is an innocent animal that should not do battle against anything, let alone a 332 HP sports car.

By the way, the Nissan 370Z is powered by a 3.7 liter V6 engine with an output of 332 HP at 7,000 rpm and 270 lb-ft of torque at 5,200 rpm. The engine is mated to either a 6-speed manual transmission or a 7-speed automatic transmission.


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  (474) posted on 01.6.2012

Wow! Amazing! HA-HA, I’m much more interested on chicken than with Nissan! smiley How much is that Mexican chicken? Anyway, I think the chicken won the game! Hehe Seriously, I’m so impressed with the commercial! It’s a winner!

  (530) posted on 06.30.2011

Well, I guess that just emphasizes the whole concept of the car, Speed and Power. The chicken has done a great job there. I wonder where can I get one of those?

  (320) posted on 06.30.2011

Well, I guess this is a good promotional for the 370z! I was impressed on the modification they made on the 370z because based from what I remember the earlier version of this car is not that powerful!

  (594) posted on 06.30.2011

hmm. The Porsche 911 has the same horsepower with the 370z. I wonder what will be the result of the race of Pepe race against the 370z and 911?haha I think that’s cool to watch!

  (314) posted on 06.22.2011

This is such a funny commercial. The TVC showed that Nissan 37OZ is incomparable and you cannot beat the car’s performance even the strongest and fastest animals in town.

  (419) posted on 06.3.2011

Pepe is compete with gear head! So even a chicken head dream of driving this car.
I think if this commercial join the Super Bowl commercial I bet this would be a winner!haha

  (394) posted on 06.3.2011

haha. I think competing with a chicken and not even a mammal like cheetah sounds to be insulting since we all know that it 370Z is not that powerful.

  (334) posted on 05.12.2011

haha. It’s just an appropriate name for this car! I think that 332 hp power output is a less powerful for a sportscar. Its figure performance is just similar with the 350z!BTW, I will happy if the chicken win against this crap!

  (466) posted on 05.12.2011

The message of this video said that you’re not going to win if you race with Nissan 370Z. That’s my interpretation of this innocent chicken challenging the car and symbolizes how weak are the competitors and there is nothing you can do if you meet this car.

  (50) posted on 05.11.2011

I’m reminded of Top Gear calling this car a "Racing Chicken". Though it’s nice to know that it can probably beat a chicken in a flat out race... Probably. Well.. In the corners, anyway. So I guess it’s just really nice to know that it corners better than a chicken...

  (417) posted on 05.11.2011

Hahaha! That is a rather nice one. Poor Pepe, he got used by those marketing bastards at Nissan just to sell the 370Z. He should have won.

  (368) posted on 05.11.2011

Really? They consider this class as a meat- eating car? Hmm. I think Nissan is underestimating the chickensmiley With that power output I don’t get why they call this thing as a sportcar! Seriously, it feels like driving a SUV!

  (1) posted on 05.9.2011

(^_^) Chicken pg pg!!

  (433) posted on 05.9.2011

Yay! I can’t believe that they call this car a sportscar! I think an aftermarket version of a coupe has a better performance compare to this car. Seriously, they need to boost the power of this car or else a chicken will run faster than this!

  (613) posted on 05.9.2011

haha. Though I know that this race is impossible in real life I have to admit that
I prayed that the chicken would win!lol However, this sportscar is kind of less powerful and I think the race between the chicken and the car is just fairsmiley

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