In January of this year, Nissan and JRM Racing entered the Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 into the Dubai 24-hour endurance race. That was the first we heard about this beautiful hunk of machinery. Just a few months later, in preparation for the upcoming racing season, JRM is testing out this 523-horsepower racer.

That’s not all JRM did… During the testing they filmed the GT-R NISMO GT3 whipping around the track and posted it for all to see. Now we no longer have to just drool over press photos and grainy, poorly shot videos of it racing this past season. Nope, now you get to see, hear, and almost feel this impressive collaboration of mechanics and art with the above video.

In addition to the sights and sounds, JRM puts you right in the cockpit with the driver on several occasions. Nothing like the hum of a turbocharged 3.8-liter V-6 engine churning out 523 horsepower and 451 pound-feet of torque – 22 horsepower and 12 pound-feet shy of the production model – to get your blood flowing in the morning. Toss the Folgers coffee out and just watch this video three or four times, that’ll get you moving.

Now, don’t go thinking that just because GT3 regulations end up decreasing the GT-R GT3’s power that your stock GT-R can run with this bad boy. You will be sadly mistaken, as JRM and Nissan shaved off over 1,000 pounds from the production model – a stock GT-R weighs 3,829 pounds and the GT-R NISMO GT3 weighs roughly 2,860 pounds. Other modifications to the GT3 version from the stock GT-R include heavy suspension tuning and deletion of the front-drive equipment, as required by GT3.

Kick back, crank up your surround system, if you have one, and enjoy the refreshing melodies of the GT-R NISMO GT3 at play.


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  (530) posted on 07.3.2012

It keeps me wanting on driving the GT-R, as soon as I got the perfect chance.

  (797) posted on 07.3.2012

Racing has never been good and thanks to this video. I’ve seen a lot of movements and techniques. I think I can drive now my GT-R on Gran Turismo PSP.

  (394) posted on 06.27.2012

It’s a fun video. It more of an action-pack adventure and GT-R NISMO did a very impressive performance.

  (484) posted on 05.2.2012

Go Nissan! I’m astounded by its stand-alone performance. I thought Nissan had already succumbed to these popular companies that produce a lot of dynamic cars, but I guess I’m wrong.

  (858) posted on 05.1.2012

Did you see how it practically zoomed there? Usually, I’d pick on its external features, but I’m too immersed on its performance.

  (498) posted on 05.1.2012

And this is why Nissan is still taking up the scene despite these companies who are solely focused on manufacturing supercars. Nissan is versatile and dynamic; GT-R Nismo GTS has thoroughly astounded me.

  (530) posted on 04.27.2012

Good gracious, my heart was pounding with high excitement as I watch this! It’s really, actually fast!

  (714) posted on 04.4.2012

Nissan is taking over the scene again lately. You’d expect Lamborghini, Ferrari or any other supercar producers will steal the limelight but well, Nissan won’t easily give up and this GT-R NISMO is just a proof of that.

  (397) posted on 04.2.2012

I love how it was so sleek on the tracks! I’m not fond of its visor, although I think it better be there since it’d look bare without it.

  (592) posted on 04.2.2012

Whoa, that was a nice watch! It’s unbelievable how Nissan is still one of the best supercar manufacturers!

  (399) posted on 04.1.2012

Who’d have thought I’d first see it like this? Whoa, I’m really loving its high performance!

  (410) posted on 04.1.2012

It’s cool that I finally get to see this clear, and in action. Its drive and drift are truly astonishing.

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