Do you remember that about a year ago Nissan asked you to help you design their Project 370Z? For those of you who do not remember Project 370Z is a project car based on the Nissan 370Z sports coupe, of course, that delivers an amazing 500 horsepower – a huge bump from the standard 332 horsepower on a stock 370Z), and features updates like a GReddy twin-turbo kit with Type RZ blow off valves and a GReddy Turbo Ti-C Exhaust.

The car also received new VOLK TE37SL custom-finished wheels and an interior dress-up that’s comprised of Recaro seats and plenty of suede.

Now Nissan is inviting you to find the perfect challenge for this impressive 370Z Project. Nissan is inviting social media followers to vote for a privately owned Nissan Z to compete against this project car at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in mid-March.

So, all of you Z tuners can now hop online, head over to Nissan Performance’s Facebook page and show Nissan what your Z Car has. Check out the above video for all of the details.


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  (548) posted on 04.16.2013

I cannot believe that this car’s concept is based on the car enthusiasts’ concept. The custom-finished wheels and an interior dress-up, which includes Recaro seats, sounds good. I hope they will get the perfect challenger for this car.

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