Over in Brazil, Nissan found itself in hot water after one of their commercials directed at Ford drew the ire of the American automaker’s Brazilian arm.

The music-video style parody commercial that Nissan released features two men representing Ford engineers, dressed to the absolute nines decked with gold chains, rings, and fur coats, while sipping champagne and flocked by a multitude of scantily-clad women. Oh, and if you didn’t notice, there’s also a Ford Focus in the background. Yep, a Ford Focus in a Nissan commercial.

While the TV spot isn’t in English, the lyrics, when translated to Portuguese, translate to something like "All the luxury that I got, I got it with your money" and "Don’t weep because you’re paying extra money — your money was well spent, look what I do with it."

Obviously, the whole commercial didn’t sit too well with Ford, who thought that Nissan was sending a message to consumers that the Focus is overpriced in Brazil compared to the Japanese automaker’s Tiida sub-compact (it’s called the Versa in our neck of the woods). While there’s some truth to it - the Tiida is actually cheaper by a little under $2,000 in Brazil compared to the Focus - Ford didn’t like the way Nissan portrayed their company.

Ford’s lawsuit prompted Nissan to pull the television commercial, but apparently, not before the video found its way on the Internet. With the web being a lot more expansive and lenient than any form of medium these days, Ford’s going to have a hard time curtailing the showing of this Nissan ad.


Source: Reuters

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  (428) posted on 07.27.2011

Do you think Nissan will be sued for doing this advertisement? I notice that they are
destroying the name of Ford. Well, good for Ford that they can still hold on this one. They will
have a hard time on removing that video since it is already uploaded in the web.

  (530) posted on 06.30.2011

Well, I think that’s a brilliant idea on the side of Nissan. But I can’t resist those beautiful and gorgeous ladies that’s been dancing all through the video. They’re freaking me out.

  (937) posted on 06.16.2011

Yeah, they have the largest recall over the years and I think it reached up to 7 million!However, although Ford doesn’t have impressive performance I think Nissan shouldn’t make such libelous video for Ford!

  (648) posted on 06.16.2011

It seems that the message of the video would be true. Just recently, I have find out Ford has the largest recall in the history! So, it seems that this car has a lot of bling though its parts is not that reliable!

  (474) posted on 06.6.2011

If ford is not good at all, then why there are still want this car? Actually the good production only for the Nissan is the GTR and nothing else!

  (377) posted on 06.6.2011

hmm. I think its kind of lame move for the Nissan to come up with a teaser video like this. Ford has been in the industry for so long and they were line up as luxury car. And they have already prove their reliability. So, I guess its enough to trust this brand.

  (553) posted on 05.27.2011

I must admit that I was initially laughing hard when I saw this commercial. But then I thought that this one might have indeed been to much of a jab against Ford.

  (599) posted on 04.15.2011

But then again, if you take away all these flashy ads, it would still end up with the question of which car performs much better in the eyes of the buyer. That, I think, would be the real competition.

  (1) posted on 04.14.2011

very nice sound and video

  (797) posted on 04.14.2011

Well, that snowballing is starting now. Soon it is likely that Ford will release their own commercial directed at Nissan and this will go on and on.

  (858) posted on 04.13.2011

Yeah, that would be quite interesting to see Ford get back at Nissan. But I think it would also be a bad idea, since it can snowball into something ugly.

  (503) posted on 04.12.2011

For me the best one Nissan because of the Nissan GTR, that’s bias for others but it’s what I really love about them. Their very good at producing top of the line cars.

  (619) posted on 04.12.2011

Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ford will actually hit back with its own commercial. In fact, I am looking forward to it, that would certainly be interesting.

  (1211) posted on 04.12.2011

As far as I can recall, Nissan is actually rather notorious in taking hits at other automakers, so this one is not that surprising. Though this one is indeed a bit too much on their part.

  (466) posted on 04.11.2011

Whoa! The video would a great way to start my daysmiley. IMO,Ford cars is far better than Nissan. Ford cars has a great handling and spacious. And I think some people are just complaining about the price because they can’t afford to have one!

  (683) posted on 04.11.2011

Yeah, I would agree with you that this one might be going a bit too overboard. But I don’t think that this will deter other automakers from doing such risque ads.

  (273) posted on 04.11.2011

hmm. It sound kind of biased there. Ford and Nissan have a great production. I can’t really say who is the best! However, I think it’s not fair to make such video to destroy the dignity of other.

  (1211) posted on 04.11.2011

OK, I am really alright with the idea of automakers taking potshots at each other, which I actually find a little bit amusing. But I agree that this one might be taking it too far.

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