It seems a little weird that the people behind this three-minute video - producer Brenden Kent and director Paul Greg - spent six months putting it all together, but after watching it, you’re going to understand why it was all worth the wait.

Using an iPhone, an app called Stop Motion HD, and a number of custom-made rigging systems, Kent and Greg managed to produce Nitro Warriors. It features little, performance enhanced plastic toy cars doing their best high-octane toy car chase that would make the people behind Need for Speed stand up and take notice.

The scene is a living room where a Ford Mustang is being chased around by an army of police cars on a busy highway. When that chase ends in failure for the authorities, they sent out a car that can match wits with the Mustang: the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1. Check out the video and find out how Kent and Greg spent the most worth it six months of their lives creating a three-minute toy-car chase video.

Nitro Warriors is worth your time, folks. Take it from us.


Source: You Tube

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