Okay, they aren’t all supercars, but there is a big dose of instant karma for each one

It seems like people don’t understand that there’s a time and place to play and that the road isn’t it. Sure, Mustang drivers come to mind (I know, it’s getting old, right?) but in reality, we see just as many supercar owners failing miserably as they try to showboat their precious, powerful cars. It’s nice to be wealthy, I’m sure, but apparently, it isn’t enough to be seen in your cool car, you have to show off what it can do. Well, in this video there’s a big handful of idiots who probably knew more about the money they spent than how to drive what they bought. And, it shows. For the record, not all of the cars shown here are “supercars,” but each one of them was served a life-sized piece of karma that will certainly hit the wallet, be it at the repair shop, with the insurance company, or in court after being sued or arrested for reckless endangerment. Anyway, the video is below. Check it out and let us know what you think!

The Best Supercar Show Off Fail Compilation


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