Yeah, this is probably an insurance scam but cool to see nonetheless

Hawaii is under fire right now... well, parts of it anyway, as Mother Nature does her best to remind us of just how powerful she can be. Obviously, there’s nothing fun about this for the folks living in close proximity to an erupting volcano, but it does give us the opportunity to see a Ford Mustang swallowed up like it’s nothing.

Of course, there’s a couple of questions to be asked here. First, that’s a very long road, so why is that Mustang parked right in the path of the lava? Couldn’t somebody have moved it? Well, they probably could have, but something tells us this was a good chance to get a small insurance payout. Maybe? Just a little? After all, that Mustang could have been anywhere else on the street and been just fine. If that’s not the case, someone just happens to have some really bad luck. Either way, watch the time-lapse video and see this Mustang die a fiery death.

Mustang Swallowed by Lava


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