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Time-lapse videos of LEGOs being built is nothing new. Remember the miniature Ferrari F40 that was built in 60 seconds thanks to the magic of computer editing? Well, we’re bringing you another one of these videos because, quite frankly, they’re enjoyable to watch. The subject of this LEGO build is a Volkswagen Beetle, which, judging by the presence of the surfboard and the water cooler, comes to us by way of LEGO’s Creator line.

The video starts as expected. The build starts from the ground-up with the frame and wheels being put together first. From there, the interior is added piece by piece, including the transmission tunnel, the dashboard and windshield, and the four seats. The doors, roof, and hood follow suit. We even catch a glimpse of the car’s LEGO-version engine and exhaust at the back, as well as the spare tire that’s tucked under the cargo space of the front trunk. The build concludes with the aforementioned surfboard and picnic basket, both of which are stowed in the roof rack.

We’ve seen plenty of time-lapse LEGO builds before, and every one of them were must-watch videos because of how mesmerizing they look when the builds are sped up. It’s no different this time with the Volkswagen Beetle. Kind of makes me want to go out, buy one, and build it myself.


Volkswagen Beetle

2012 - 2013 Volkswagen Beetle High Resolution Exterior
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