"Farmkhana" is not what it looks like

Jeremy Clarkson is good at many things. He’s good at talking about cars. He’s good at driving some of them. And he’s good at pissing a lot of people of. He also claims to be good at drifting, something he showed in the last episode of The Grand Tour when he decided to have a go at recreating Ken Block’s famous Gymkhana stunt videos.

Of course, this is Jeremy Clarkson we’re talking about. A lot of his bombastic claims should be taken with a grain of salt. His stunt video, called “Farmkhana: Ultimate_Country_Playground,” is a perfect example of that. Watch it on a surface level, and you might even be convinced that Clarkson’s run across the playground is legitimate. He even makes faces while performing those intense burnouts. But take the time to study the video. Look at it closer, and you’ll start noticing how carefully edited it is. The shots from inside the Subaru STI show him mostly stationary — the face-making served as good distraction — while the shots of his feet slamming the pedals are far from conclusive since we don’t know if it’s actually doing it.

I will admit that Clarkson does know how to do a proper drift. He’s done it in front of a camera many times. But he’s nowhere near Block’s level when it comes to this kind of horse-playing. The latter is on another level. Fortunately, Clarkson and the show are in on the joke too when they released a short “Behind-The-Scenes” video of the stunt. It turns out; there was a lot of editing and failed stunts involved in the making of Farmkhana, including one scene where Clarkson failed to drift into a sheep pen, hitting and destroying its wooden enclosures every time.


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