Weird, wonderful, and utterly unique... oh, and it’ll blow the doors off just about anything

I’ll admit it – sometimes, we here at TopSpeed get a little jaded when it comes to all the insanely fast machinery we see pass across our collective desk. The crazy specs, the outrageous claims... these things can become a bit of a blur over time, much like the supercars they represent. Then, every so often, we come across something that stands out from the pack. Such is the case with the Teslonda. Combining the lightweight body of an early-model Honda Accord with an electric motor out of a Tesla Model S, plus the battery pack from a Chevy Bolt to provide the juice, this thing makes for one very weird project car. It’s also very, very quick, charging up to 60 mph in a scant 2.7 seconds. Dodge Challenger Hellcat who?

Posted to Instagram by user @jimmy.built, the shell in question is a 1981 Honda Accord, which appears to be salvaged. The same goes for the electric motor, which Jimmy identifies as the go-maker out of a P85 Tesla Model S. Output peaks at around 536 horsepower, plus there’s that metric crap ton of torque available from the word go.

The unique suspension set-up was inspired by the early days of the NHRA, and the “gasser” craze of the ’60s, wherein modified street cars took to the drag strip for top bragging rights. With most of the weight centered around the rear axle, this Teslonda just squats and goes, squealing the tires and making a noise like a giant RC car on steroids. Which it kinda is. We’d describe it as “cartoonishly” quick, like there should be a dusty outline of an ’81 Accord left behind after stepping on the long skinny pedal. The Teslonda will definitely wheelie with the right traction set-up. Jimmy says 2.7 seconds is the quickest run so far, but given the chilly ambient temperatures, there’s still a few tenths left in it. The Teslonda has yet to head to the drag strip, but the wrenches behind it are guessing it’ll do a number somewhere in the low 9’s. Of course, it’s gonna need a roll cage before it can tackle the 1320.

We love stuff like this, and wish Jimmy and his crew all the luck in wrangling every ounce of speed from the Teslonda.

What do you think, dear reader? Does this sorta thing get your juices flowing, or does it fall flat? You could argue this is a premonition of things to come in the world of modified cars – does that excite you, or disappoint you? Let us know in the comments section.


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