From a set twins’ dreams to make their own Porsche to Hans-Peter Porsche’s TraumWerk, this episode is loaded

The Porsche 911 video magazine really is something else. It’s essentially an episodic web series that talks about Porsche. Each episode runs nine minutes and 11 seconds long because, well, that shows up as 9:11 on the time bar. Beyond the cute allusion to the 911 name, the episodes are rich in stories about the German automaker and everything about it.

Volume 5, or episode 5, of the 911 Magazine is no exception. The episode carries the theme, “Dreams,” and is divided into five different sub-episodes, beginning with Patrick Dempsey taking a trip to the island of Sylt in northern Germany with a 911 Carrera. The episode mostly features Dempsey taking in the scenery of the island and enjoying the picturesque sights with one of the finest Porsche 911 models ever built. From there, the episode dives into the racing success of the Porsche 956, the creation of the most improbable Porsche in history, a Porsche drifting in the snow, and an inside look at the TraumWerk, Hans-Peter Porsche’s incredible toy museum.

The third and fifth sub-episodes are the best ones of Volume 5. The former talks about the story of two twins — Knut and Falk Reimann — who lived in the communist-run GDR and, against all odds, managed to build their own homemade Porsche with some assistance from no less than Ferry Porsche himself. The latter is a treat to watch itself as it features Hans-Peter Porsche showcasing one of the most expansive and incredible toy collections in the world. Take the time to watch this episode of the 911 Magazine. You’re not going to regret it.


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