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High-mileage engines are something special. It’s not uncommon to see an engine go beyond 200,000 miles these days, but there was a time when anything above 250,000 that didn’t sport a Honda badge, meant you had to pray to the car gods it would start and get you to work each day. In this video, we’re looking at the teardown of a running engine from a Skoda Octavia – one that has amassed a total of 430,000 miles or just over 692,000 kilometers. The good news is that, once the teardown is complete, the mechanic on duty is giving the old girl a full rebuild to provide this 430,000-mile beast a new (hopefully long) lease on life. But, I’ll stop there and let you see what it looks like on the inside for yourself. Go ahead and click play, then fill up our comments section with stories about your highest-mileage car.

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