• Video of the Day: The Scotland Colors, Courtesy of BMW

You’ll get misty-eyed watching this video that showcases Scotland in all its beauty

I’ve been to Scotland, and I can attest with full certainty that it’s one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Granted, I’ve haven’t been to every country in the world, but I’ve been to a fair share of them. As far as picturesque landscapes and jaw-dropping sceneries are concerned, there’s Scotland, and there’s everybody else. I say that because I was drawn back to my time in the country upon watching this short film that BMW helped support. It’s a film presented to us by Stanislav Cociorva and Ecaterina Cernei, a self-described creative couple who own and operate the “Traveller’s Tales” YouTube page.

The couple, better known simply as Stanly and Katya, went to Scotland to go on a cross-country road trip around the country. The two managed to get the German automaker to sponsor a BMW 440i, which turned out to be a good idea as it was able to showcase its own surprising off-road chops.

The film, titled “The Scotland Colors,” isn’t really a promotional tool for the 440i. It doesn’t even make any significant appearance in the four-minute film apart from shots of it on the road and another with reindeer smelling if it was good enough to eat. But the 440 isn’t the star of this video, and neither are Stanly and Katya. The star of this video is Scotland, and for good reason.

Video of the Day: The Scotland Colors, Courtesy of BMW
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With 250-300 miles driven every day, quite often, our mornings would start with snowy winter views, and it looked like sunny spring by noon,” Cociorva said. “This added to the magic of the landscapes we encountered. With the help of BMW, we were able to outwit weather conditions and visit multiple marvelous locations, see wild animals up close, drive scenic roads and meet many warmhearted people of Scotland.”

Spare yourselves a few minutes and watch it. We get shots of the couple playing around in the snow. We got shots of the BMW 440i driving on some of the most breathtaking scenery imaginable. Best of all, we see Scotland in all its glory. We see shots of the Glenfinnan Viaduct that’s mostly known for its appearance in the Harry Potter movie franchise. We even see the Glen Etive road; the same road James Bond traveled on in Skyfall. Most importantly, we get to see a good amount of the Scottish Highlands, a place so beautiful it literally is going to make you cry.

Imagine yourselves driving a BMW 440i with that kind of scenery around you. That’s a joyride unlike any other.


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