This is what happens when you let stupidity take over

Idiots come in many shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, one of them just happened to be driving this McLaren 720S. Maybe he was showing off, maybe he was in over his head, but what he does to this amazing supercar is going to make a lot of people cringe. I will suggest that you take a deep breath before watching this video because it gets pretty crazy towards the end.

Ouch. If you haven’t seen the video yet, well, here’s what happened. According to a post on Reddit, the driver of the McLaren 720S is a 19-year-old kid. He didn’t have a license with him, but for some reason, he had his passport. In any case, he decides to take his sister’s McLaren 720S — yes, the sister has a McLaren 720S — and show off for the cameras. That would explain why someone was taking a video of it.

The ordeal starts when he tries out the supercar’s launch control. Everything starts smoothly, but a few seconds later, he loses control of the 720S, causing it to crash into a parked Audi R8. This is where the story turns hilarious. Presumably out of fear, the teenager immediately runs away from the scene, but in doing so, he leaves his passport behind. Lol, right?

Moments later, the aforementioned sister arrives — in a Lamborghini, no less — trying to take the blame for the crash. It’s unclear what happens next, but we can at least draw a few conclusions from this hilariously awful episode. First, that family appears to be loaded. Props to them. Second, the 19-year old needs to be grounded for life, or at least until he understands the consequences of his stupidity, whichever comes first. Third, the owner of the Audi R8 should try to squeeze as much as he can for the damage to his own supercar.

Oh, and one more time, lol.


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