Turbocharged to 870 horsepower!

Hey! Wake up! It’s time for your weekly dose of sleeper awesomeness, this time coming from the fine folks over at 1320 Video. What we’ve got here would appear to be a rather benign-looking Ford Territory, a mid-size crossover produced between 2004 and 2016 by Ford Australia. Sure, it’s got big bronzed wheels and a window banner, but admit it - you wouldn’t look twice at this thing if it pulled up next to you on race day.

Of course, that would all change as soon as the lights turned green. That’s because the owner of this unassuming Blue Oval packed nearly 900 horses under the hood thanks to a stonking big turbocharger with all the trimmings. Paired with the same 4.0-liter inline six-cylinder that Ford installed at the factory; it’s a rip-roaring beast of a drag machine, churning the rubber with such vigor it smokes the tires halfway down the strip. At one point, the driver even has a bit of a moment, going sideways off the track in his enthusiasm.

All told, this daily-driven full-interior streetcar can manage 9’s - that is, if it actually manages to hook up. Clearly, the Aussie’s know what’s what when it comes to making big power and low passes. Oh yeah, and check out the license plate, which reads “XSPSI.” Nice touch!


Ford Territory-a hit in Australia
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