High-performance wagon looks to be having a lot of fun

You’re kidding yourself if you don’t think that the Audi RS4 Avant is capable of being an off-road marauder. It may look like a sensible people-mover on the surface, but there’s something sinister lurking under that hood, namely a 2.9-liter, biturbo, V-6 engine that produces a whopping 444 horsepower. Combine that with Audi’s fabled all-wheel-drive Quattro system, and as you can see, the RS4 Avant is more than capable of having a lot of fun in heavy snow.

The video you’re watching is presented by Auditography, and as you might surmise from its name, the channel features Audis that are out in the wild. In that spirit, there’s no better setting to showcase an Audi RS4 Avant than in the snowy Tatra Mountains in Poland. There’s no dialogue in the video, but that’s fine. The sight of seeing the RS4 Avant toy around in inches of snow makes for a good and entertaining watch of its abilities as a high-performance wagon.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how many times we watch the video. Audi’s not bringing the RS4 Avant in the U.S. anytime soon. That said, there are plans to offer a similar model in the form of the RS5 Sportback sometime in the near future. That’s on top of a mysterious RS model that the German automaker remains tight-lipped on. So even if the RS4 Avant remains a pipe dream for RS-starved fans in the country, there’s hope that we’re going to get a full lineup of these high-performance Audis in the near future. Maybe then we’ll finally get to experience what RS-badged Audis are really like in the snow.


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