If you’re still drooling over the astonishing McLaren P1, it’s time you take a break and have a look at the company’s rarest road-legal supercar to date. Don’t let the first seconds of the video above fool you, what you’re looking at is no regular McLaren F1. What you see in Shmee150’s latest supercar-spotting adventure is the F1 HDK, of which only three examples were built. If it doesn’t ring a bell, HDK stands for High Downforce Kit, a package that basically transferred some of the aerodynamic features seen on the F1 race car on the road-legal machine.

Optimized for better handling at the track, the F1 HDK stands out in a pack of regular F1s thanks to its carbon-fiber splitter, flared wheel arches and fixed rear wing. The example spotted at this year’s Car Week in Monterey, California, is also equipped with matte-black wheels, but that’s not exactly standard for the HDK. You see, all three units are actually one-off vehicles tailored to their owners desires, which is what makes then that much more spectacular and expensive at the same time. These cars are known to worth more than $10 million each, a figure that speaks volumes of the HDK’s importance to the supercar world.

Although the F1 HDK is as rare as it gets, this owner is not shy about using his white example on a daily basis. He even used it to travel for hundreds of miles to get to Car Week, and the slightly dirty bodywork is there to prove just that. I’ve even spotted a couple of dents and although I wouldn’t want to see a single scratch on my F1 — if I had one, of course — I think it’s really cool this HDK is not a trailer queen. Hats off to the owner, whoever he may be!


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