We have just learned that the Italian automaker Ferrari is commemorating its 5th anniversary selling cars on Chinese soil with a special edition 599 GTB Fiorano HGTE. Apparently, one of those 599 limited edition GT cars has become unit number 1 of 1 in an even more limited edition lineup. This one-of-a-kind Ferrari, which was also penned by Chinese designer Lu Hao, will be put up for auction at a charity gala that Ferrari will be hosting in Beijing on November 3, 2009.

As the only one that will ever be made, Hao went to painstaking lengths to make it as special as possible. Taking inspiration from the legendary Ge Liln porcelain of the Song Dynasty, Lu etched the pattern into the car. Apart from the specific etching, Hao also added a few more touches to make this special Ferrari even more unique, like the jade start button and gold colored rev counter with ancient Chinese “Xiao Zhuan” script, which also comes as standard issue on the 599 GTB HGTE China Limited Edition.

Press release after the jump.

Press release

2009 marks the fifth anniversary of Ferrari’s presence in China. During this time Ferrari has witnessed, first-hand, the epic changes that have transformed East Asia and to commemorate the occasion, Ferrari has partnered with a prominent contemporary Chinese artist, Lu Hao, to create the unique Ferrari 599 China.

Ferrari has created a unique artistic piece, with the exterior entirely hand painted to reproduce the subtle color and unique cracked pot pattern typical of ancient Chinese pottery coupled with several precious and unique interior elements, such as the Jade start button and the gold coloured rev counter with ancient Chinese ideograms. This one of a kind vehicle brings together Chinese artistic heritage with Italian craftsmanship and Italian industrial design, creating a perfect blend of automotive technology and Chinese art that will make it one of the most appealing cars for collectors worldwide.

For this creation, Ferrari has chosen to involve contemporary Chinese artist Lu Hao, who has followed his distinctive artistic vision to become one of China’s most famous and most influential contemporary artists. For this project he drew inspiration from China’s ancient literary traditions, the unique Ge Kiln porcelain, and the fabled Silk Road, creating his own unique interpretation of China’s majestic traditional culture.

This unique artistic masterpiece, blending the cutting edge technology of the 599 GTB Fiorano HGTE with traditional Chinese design elements, will be auctioned off for charity during an exclusive event in Beijing on November the 3rd 2009 that will be open to select art collectors and Ferrari friends.

Part of the proceeds from the charity auction to be held at the car’s unveiling will benefit an educational sponsorship program targeted at Chinese students. Details of the program will be released at the auction gala dinner party. The event complements some of Ferrari’s ongoing CSR initiatives, such as its partnerships with the Soong Ching Ling Foundation and the Jet-Li One Foundation. Over the past five years, the speed and passion associated with the Ferrari brand has won the hearts of Chinese customers, and Ferrari has been no less passionate about its social responsibilities. By giving back to the community, Ferrari wants to foster a spirit of compassion while continuing to build on the success of its brand in China.

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