When you’re driving on a busy thoroughfare, the last thing you’d want to happen is to get involved in a car crash. Unfortunately, when you have hundreds upon hundreds of vehicles jostling through traffic at any given time, one wrong move could spell disaster for you and for your precious ride.

In this particular incident, which was captured by a man driving a Subaru, by the way, a Dodge Viper was manoeuvring in and around traffic on a relatively light day out on the highway. Whether or not he was rushing to go somewhere or he was just showing off the power under his hood, the driver of the Viper got a little too aggressive on the road and as he was about to make yet another overtaking move, he mistakenly swerved onto a lane where the cars were stopped.

In his defense, he did try to brake as hard as he could, as evidenced by the smoke coming out of his tires. Unfortunately, it was all for naught as he ended up crashing onto the back of an innocent white van. Just goes to show that no matter how fast or powerful your car may be, it still has to abide by the conditions of the road ahead of it, and much to the driver’s dismay, his Viper ended up paying a pretty steep price for his over aggressive driving.


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  (518) posted on 02.3.2010

I don’t think he was going that fast. I’d say that he just didn’t notice the van was driving on a slow speed or that it was on stop as the other lanes are going on a fast speed.

  (858) posted on 01.6.2010

Damn good! I love to see that moment where a Viper crashes down. On that video, he’s out of control when he pulled it to the right side and you see the spark before crashing on that van. Also if I’m going to calculate the speed of that viper, maybe 120-130 MPH.

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