Pagani Automobili has been officially launched in North America. It’s been 22 years since Horacio Pagani established its very own company in Modena, Italy, and 15 years since the very first Zonda left the workshop, and Pagani may now officially sell its supercars in the United States.

And by "supercars" we mean the breathtaking Huayra, the upcoming Huayra Roadster and all the limited edition and bespoke versions that are set to follow. All these V-12-powered rockets can be acquired through the company’s U.S. subsidiary, Pagani WorldWide, across the entire North American continent.

Although U.S. deliveries of the Huayra have only just begun, the said supercar is already familiar with American soil as an import, and a very successful one for that matter. According to Pagani, 40 percent of Huayra sales this year have been accounted by U.S. customers, making North America its largest market. Now that the Huayra can be picked up from specialized dealerships, we expect Pagani to flourish even more in the United States.

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Why It Matters

Being able to buy their supercars at a nearby dealership is of the utmost importance to customers, even if we’re talking about wealthy buyers that can afford to have their car shipped across the Atlantic. By opening an official subsidiary in North America, Pagani will enable its current and potential customers to benefit from many advantages, including local customer care and servicing. And who knows, maybe Pagani will expand further and the U.S. will get a bespoke workshop of its own.

Pagani Huayra

2011 Pagani Huayra High Resolution Exterior
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Much like the Zonda, the Huayra will hit the streets in many custom guises and limited-edition forms.

Launched for the 2012 model year as a successor to the almighty Zonda, Pagani’s very first supercar, the Huayra uses the sane carbotitanium monocoque construction and AMG-sourced engine as the its forerunner. The unit is a bi-turbo, 6.0-liter V-12 that delivers 720 horsepower and 740 pound-feet of torque through a seven-speed sequential transmission.

The drivetrain enables the Huayra to scream from naught to 60 mph in only 3.2 seconds and reach a top speed of 230 mph while withstanding 1.66 g of lateral acceleration. The current version of the Huayra will be followed by a Roadster and a track-ready Nurburgring Edition. Much like the Zonda, the Huayra will hit the streets in many custom guises and limited-edition forms.

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