Video: Pagani releases official Zonda R commercial

The Pagani Zonda is, without question, one of the rare supercars that capture the imagination of both auto enthusiasts and mainstream fans from all over the world. That’s why a lot of us can’t seem to get enough of it, because when the Pagani Zonda is being watched or talked about, we all stand in attention.

This promo video of the Pagani Zonda R, which was made for the brand’s track-focused customers, and by all accounts, it’s as desirable and mouth-watering than it’s road-legal counterpart.

The video itself is pretty cool to watch; it begins with the Zonda R’s creation – you’ll see a lot of the bits and pieces that make the car, including the carbon titanium composite central monocoque – all the way to a rainy track test of two fully-built Zonda Rs. Even the accompanying music, which makes you feel like you’re watching the climax of an action-packed blockbuster movie, is so juice-pumping we wouldn’t surprised if you got goose bumps from it.

Check out the video and see the Pagani Zonda R in action and if there is a car that we can desire more than the Zonda R, it probably hasn’t been built yet.


Source: Vimeo

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  (442) posted on 03.14.2010

That is a dreamy commercial. One thing that I don’t really see happening with such commercials is that situation happening to me. I mean there isn’t a chance in this world, unless I win the lottery, that I get to drive a cool car like this.

  (345) posted on 03.11.2010

"it probably hasn’t been built yet". well i doubt that. corvette is now claiming that they are faster than the pagani zonda.

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