Now that the Super Bowl is done, we can all go back to our regularly scheduled programming.

And look what greeted us. Pagani is asking us to figure out the clues from their new teaser, which certainly looks like a new supercar that will make its debut soon. We don’t know if it’s a Huayra Roadster or a special edition Huayra, but they do offer a number of clues that could lead us to a hypothesis afterwards.

The first indication that this is a new supercar is the presence of Huayra exhaust pipes, which is not that uncommon for a supercar of the Huayra’s stature. From there, we see snippets of mesh and some scissors, a dude putting a cover on a box, a shot of some fancy screws, the brake discs getting mechanically machined, a close-up shot of the red leather seat, and finally, another dude inspecting a finished piece of glass.

After all of that, we’re still nowhere near figuring out what Pagani’s trying to tell us. We do know it’s a supercar, unless Pagani is going into the sedan market (Yes, that’s sarcasm). We’re also confident that it’s scheduled to make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

Other than that, we’d love to get more clues, general!


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  (548) posted on 04.17.2013

I guess the new Pagani car will look more stunning than the previous models. The teaser did not show much of the car. But the car has a good-looking seats. I wonder what Huayra exhaust pipes are capable of doing.

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