• Video: Pagani Zonda 760 LM Reveals Itself

The Pagani Zonda 760 LM, one of the last iterations of the venerable supercar and a model that’s been keeping us on our toes the past month, is finally out in the open. The Italian automaker quietly took the veil off the 760 LM during a special event, probably right before the unique vehicle was shipped to its owner.

Although the 760 LM is proof that the Pagani Zonda is still alive and kicking 15 years since production began, the carbon-bodied rocket is likely one of the last special-edition supercars to carry the iconic name. The 760 LM arrived only a few weeks after the 760 X, yet another one-off Zonda crafted for a very special, deep-pocketed collector.

There’s no word as to who will take delivery of this gorgeous supercar, but word has it the owner is an avid Zonda collector that already has a Cinque Roadster and Zonda R parked in his garage. Now that’s what we call enthusiasm!

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A Road-Legal Race Car

2015 Pagani Zonda 760 LM Exterior
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Pagani has been mum on details regarding the Zonda 760 LM, but the video above provides us with all we need to know about it. Styling-wise, the 760 LM shares many details with other Zonda’s carrying the 760 moniker. However, a number of details set it apart from the already exclusive pack and highlight its uniqueness.

Up front, the supercar is distinguished by a pair of new-design headlamps. The units are no longer exposed, but embedded in the bulged wheel arches. Additionally, the twin-headlight configuration has been replaced by a four-unit cluster. Furthermore, the carbon-fiber nose is adorned by V-shaped graphics featuring the Italian flag on one side and the German flag on the other. Two large air ducts reside on each side of the V-shaped center piece, reminding us of the track-exclusive Zonda R. As far as the front fascia is concerned, this is by far the most intriguing Zonda yet.

Around back, the supercar stands out by means of a huge wing connected to a Le Mans prototype-style central fin. The rear diffuser is larger than before, while the taillights are mounted behind clear plastic covers. The aviation-like cockpit is embraced by slender flag decals on each side, while "LM" graphics adorn the rear fenders. As with most Zondas, the bare carbon-fiber 760 LM wears a prominent scoop atop its roof for cooling purposes.

The air goes right beneath the large hood, where an AMG-sourced, 7.3-liter V-12 engine is ready to make an awful lot of noise and send 750 horsepower to the wheels. Interestingly enough, the 760 LM comes with no side mirrors. That comes at a surprise because this unique Zonda is supposed to be road-legal. On the other hand, we expect Zonda to take care of things before shipping the supercar to its happy owner.

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