Video: Pagani Zonda Tricolore Limited Edition

Based on the Pagani Cinque, the special edition Zonda Tricolore is built from a special carbon-titanium weave left bare except for a clear blue lacquer coating. It also features a unique set of LED running lights and an exclusive red, white, and green trim. It is priced at $1.75 million, so you can understand why we take any opportunity we get to show it to you!

The video is only about a minute long, but worth every second! The closeups of the carbon-titanium weave allow you to truly appreciate the material utilized in crafting such a remarkable vehicle. As the camera zooms in on just about every angle of the car, including the unique air intakes mounted on top of the rear wings. These intakes were styled to resemble the intakes used on the jet fighters flown by the Italian demonstration team, the Frecce Tricolori. The details laid throughout it make the viewer appreciate why it is priced the way it is.


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  (702) posted on 06.9.2010

Very limited for those executive people... pretty nasty, isn’t it?

  (647) posted on 06.8.2010

We ogled over the photos when Pagani announced its limited edition Zonda Tricolore model last week and, as expected, it looks even more impressive in it’s blue-tinted carbon fiber flesh.

  (708) posted on 06.7.2010

Well, this is a very unique supercar, fortunately because the Tricolore is constructed from a special carbon-titanium weave left bare but for a clear blue lacquer. Red, white and green stripes run up from the nose along the top of the car’s surface, passing by the unique vertical fin air intakes.

  (798) posted on 06.7.2010

Impressive car, fully carbon and ultra light super car but many are telling on their reviews this is not reliable as the mclaren and other on it’s class.

  (504) posted on 06.6.2010

Zonda’s performance and body frame are not that reliable as the other super car’s on it’s class.

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