Here’s a note to parents who tend to get a little too starstruck at the sight of their favorite celebrities: keep your wits together and act cool, otherwise you just might end up having your own children disown you.

These two parents apparently forgot what ’keeping your wits together and acting cool’ meant because upon spotting the boys from Top Gear filming a new challenge for the show’s 15th season, the two parents quickly morphed into giggling, screaming, little kids.

Now, we’d be geeked to see Jeremy Clarkson and the boys in person too, but we probably wouldn’t act the way these two did. Apparently, the parents videotaped their close encounter with Top Gear to show it to their son who happens to be a fanatic of the show so the parents going absolutely nutty is, at least, justified. Just be sure not to show this video to anyone else other than your kid. Then again, it’s already on YouTube so we wouldn’t be surprised if their son is absolutely mortified by now.


Source: YouTube

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  (1211) posted on 10.22.2010

huh??they are driving fast enough.

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