The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC) is due to kick off on July 8th and we dug up a pretty interesting video from a test run. Paul Dallenbach’s, who will run a fairly nasty 1,400-horsepower car in this year’s PPIHC, was testing his high-powered machine and the video is bad-ass in itself, but an even more interesting event occurs at the 18-second mark.

Suddenly a strange object comes flying across the screen, just in front of Dallenbach’s car. What was it? Was it a bird, a chunk of his car, or maybe it was E.T. himself sneaking a quick peak at Dallenbach’s mean ride? Nope, none of those are right. Dallenbach’s team must not have strapped down his front on-board camera down tight enough and it went for a nice long flight across the road and down the mountain.

Even more amazing, the camera survived this launching and filmed the entire event. So, if you have never had the exhilarating experience of rolling down a mountain after being thrown from a car, here’s your chance to see how it looks without the pain of several broken bones. We need to find out whoever manufactured that camera and advise that this video becomes a part of its marketing campaign, as that is one indestructible hunk of electronics there.

Back to the car… Luckily, Dallenbach had several cameras on-board, so we got to see and hear this 1,400-horsepower, twin-turbocharged monster work its ass off getting up the hill as fast as possible. The blow off valve alone sounds like it could fire a golf ball through a concrete wall, so he has to be running at least 30 psi of boost through this to have that kind of waste coming from the valve.

We definitely suggest taking the time out for this video, but you may want to crank the speakers down a tad, as this one’s pretty loud. The ending is pretty sweet too, as the crew manages to recover the tossed camera, after a dramatic shot of an ant.


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