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This year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans may have come and gone (congrats, Toyota!), but truth be told, we’re still feeling a but wistful for that epic and legendary endurance event. So when we came across this high-quality profile video on a 1966 Ford GT40, courtesy of our friends over at Petrolicious, we just knew we had to feature it.

In typical Petrolicious fashion, the video includes gorgeous shots of the car, both sitting and in motion, with a healthy dollop of informative and entertaining narration laid on top. All good stuff, but the car - man, this thing is a real treat. Not only is it a beautiful thing to behold, looking pretty much perfect from every angle, but the sound of the big block 427 V-8 doing its thing will send electricity up and down your spine.

Owner Ted Baird assembled his GT40 to be as faithful to the original as possible, implementing as many original parts as he could find to create something that was not only visually representative of the machines that took top honors at Le Mans, but mechanically representative as well. It’s not a replica - it’s an official GT40P Mk. II, just not one of the original vehicles.

All told, the car is stunning, and hearing Baird unleash it on the track will get you amped. “This is pure, on-hands, manual, throw-it-around race car.” Baird explains. “But, that’s part of the challenge. If you can race something like this, you should be able to race anything.”

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