Well it looks like I need to spend more time in Atlanta where Porsche’s North American Headquarters is located. Today we have found a video that was posted on YouTube of what appear to be a pair the of the upcoming Porsche 911 GT3 RS sitting in downtown Atlanta.

The cars are wearing almost no camouflage, but both are obviously 991 edition cars, and both are wearing the distinctive manufacturer’s plates that adorn cars in the test fleet. The big give away that these are far more than your traditional GT3s is the massive wing and the roll cage that now sits where the rear seats used to be.

The video is short at only 15 seconds and it was annoyingly shot in portrait mode, but it is at least a decent quality. You can load it up in HD, and feel free to pause it as you go to try and suss out the details. Let us know what you find in the comments. Did you notice anything else besides the wing and the roll cage? What do you think is hiding under that tape covered hood? We want to know all your crazy theories.


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