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  • Video: Porsche 911 vs Parkour
    PARKOUR 997 "4 Guys & 1 Porsche 997"

    This short film doesn’t have any commercial interest or partnership with Porsche or any Parkour community. In fact, it’s just a pleasure project in French more

    Ending sentence translation :

    "When an obstacle gets in your way
    you can hold the fate for responsible.
    We prefer to think of it as a gift.
    That is our freedom:
    overcoming the obstacle

    © Copyright / All rights reserved 2013

    Director : Pascal Lemoine /
    Composer : Jean-Christophe Rat-Patron /

    The Driver : Hervé Hernandez (Porsche 997 carrera GTS)
    The Tracers : Clément Dumais, Nicolas Mathieux, Paul Roux Dit Buisson, Léo Rubin

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