The car tunings for Porsche never seems to end. This time, it’s the Porsche 997 GT3, courtesy of Sharkwerks and Evolution Motorsports.

In addition to the apple green exterior, the US-based car tuners upgraded the 997 GT3’s engine by adding 0.3 liters, from a 3.6-liter engine in the traditional 997 GT3 to 3.9-liter to their own version. As a result, the tuners were able to spike the 997 GT3’s horsepower from 415 hp to 502 hp.

Likewise, the two tuners developed their own parts for the car, with Sharkwerks working on the piston upgrades and Evolution Motorsports banging up an upgraded cylinder kit for the 997 GT3.

A video of the work done by the Sharkwerks and Evolution Motorsports is available so you can see first-hand how the whole process of tuning the 997 GT3 came about.


Source: Sharkwerks

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