Video: Porsche Boxster spied testing

The next generation Porsche Boxster has been spotted testing again, this time it got caught on video. Inspired by the classic Porsche 914, the Boxster is a lightweight modern day mid engine sports car from the German automaker, it is also the most affordable, starting at around $46,000 for the base model and working up to around $50,000 for the high performance Boxster S.


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BMWM6  (488) posted on 05.25.2009

To buickart

actually powerwise the BMW Z4 top of the line has 338 hp while the boxster s has the new facelifted one has 310 hp

as for performance wise I have actually driven the z4m and I havent yet tried the new boxster but it would be an unfair comparison if I compared it with a 2006 boxster that I have also driven.

quick note that the new z4 has 306 hp and BMW has cancelled the Z4m so it is in my opinion not that well of a performer especially with the heavy hardtop although luxury wise it is a great car

BMWM6  (182) posted on 05.25.2009

The word Boxer was derived from the horizontally-opposed or "boxer" engine while the roadster refers to the two-seating capacity of the car. Combine them together, you have here one of the best cars ever!

BMWM6  (177) posted on 05.25.2009

The Boxster is one of the powerful cars that Porsche has manufactured. Its the best roadster ever. In terms of performance and looks, its a lot more powerful than any other.

BMWM6  (488) posted on 05.24.2009

I always wished I could have a porsche but every time I go to buy a new car I lean towards BMW. Forexample the new Z4 or the porsche boxster. For the information I have know I would get the z4

BMWM6  (79) posted on 05.24.2009

I hope they have something more to offer for the next Boxter

BMWM6  (177) posted on 05.24.2009

This will probably come out in 2011. But you can already see a little of developments in the body kit.

BMWM6  (289) posted on 05.24.2009

I enjoy watching the video, although, the new body kit for the Boxter hasn’t been revealed yet, so its difficult to really guage its performance

BMWM6  (231) posted on 05.24.2009

Looking at the test mule, Porsche used the body of the current Boxster to obscure the real star of the show. Even after their hard work one or two details cannot be hidden. The two rear lights clusters show a cleaner look with two or perhaps three round lights in each. It may be a another red herring but the roof is made of cloth instead of composite metals which means the Boxster hasn’t gone coupe cabriolet like its rivals the Mercedes SLK and the new BMW Z4.

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