Porsche Silverstone Experience Center is a pretty important where part of the automotive industry is being written. With a total length of 3.1 kilometers the track incorporates five elements; Handling, Kick Plate, Ice Hill, Low Friction and Off-Road circuits.

The track is being split into four separate areas that can be used independently of each other or connected together to form a longer handling circuit. This offers a variety of track configurations and surface conditions on which the potential of Porsche cars can be explored and understood.

Also, visitors experiencing this track can be learned how to drive in different situations, like wet and dry conditions, as well as simulating ice and snow driving with the use of specially constructed surfaces.

Hit the jump to watch a set of four more video and learn more about the Porsche Silverstone Experience Center.

Off Road Track Porsche Silverstone:

Low Friction Surface Porsche Silverstone:

Ice Hill Porsche Silverstone:

Handling Circuit Porsche Silverstone:

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  (365) posted on 06.26.2012

The variety of these videos are worth seeing for learning.

  (1211) posted on 06.25.2012

I enjoyed much on the video entitled “Ice Hill Porsche Silverstone”. It really shows that the Porsche is extremely powerful at any surface even if its running on a sheet of ice.

  (224) posted on 06.22.2012

It’s amazing to witness that they used different terrains for testing.

  (544) posted on 06.21.2012

It’s nice to see that they have a testing area to test different roads from a paved way up to dirty off-road track, to uneven roads and even cliff side tested the performance and endurance of the vehicle.

  (194) posted on 06.20.2012

I’m glad this is out to help struggling consumers.

  (683) posted on 06.18.2012

The video presented well the course made by Porsche. The Cayenne as the car taking on track seems doing properly even on some parts that it has difficulties, but always ends up on doing it safely and most important in all—comfort

  (831) posted on 06.15.2012

I got it; the support is really simple.

  (442) posted on 05.17.2012

Porsche should have launched this before. Is it only for a certain Porsche model?

  (466) posted on 05.13.2012

These five elements have helped me see how Porsche cars are able to function in such situations.

  (553) posted on 05.10.2012

Is Porsche the first company to launch this? I’m glad they have thought of giving aid to their consumers.

  (474) posted on 05.9.2012

I’m glad that Porsche has dug these experiences that the consumers have been experiencing themselves. It gives such information and aid.

  (300) posted on 05.9.2012

Thanks to Porsche for the explanation; I’ve come to understand them more.

  (559) posted on 05.8.2012

Because of this, I came to know these tips that I really needed to learn.

  (287) posted on 05.7.2012

The first watch was awe-striking. I had to re-watch them to be able to remember actually.

  (630) posted on 05.7.2012

Oh my gosh, those clips are really helpful and amazing at the same time! I’m pleased that Porsche has thought of showing them to us; they’re most likely to happen in such situations, so at least we got to learn some techniques.

  (1) posted on 05.5.2012

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