• Video: Porsche Macan Diesel S Fails Moose Test; Porsche Issues Response

The folks over at Teknikens Värld are back in the news after an alarming review of a Porsche Macan S Diesel failing a moose test. If this rings any bells, we’d like to remind you that Teknikens Värld has had a history of “failed” moose tests, most notably on the 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee back in July 2012. This time, test driver Linus Pröjtz performed the same test on the Macan S Diesel with strangely similar results as the Grand Cherokee.

During his test, Projtz noted that the Macan S Diesel’s left front wheel locked up during the move, which is designed to test the car’s maneuverability when the driver has to swerve because of a suddenly appearing obstacle. The locked wheel poses a problem because in real-life conditions, the Macan could veer into a different lane for a longer period of time. This increases the risk of an accident, which is obviously the last thing Porsche needs to happen to its brand new SUV.

Needless to say, Porsche issued a quick response to Projtz claims. According to the German automaker, the left front brake locked because the Macan’s Active Rollover Protection system engaged so the Macan doesn’t tip over to its side. It seems like a reasonable explanation, except that Porsche went into greater detail about how the system is supposed to work, adding that “the precise, momentary application of brake force to the front wheel at the outside of the bend down to the low slip range minimizes cornering forces to avoid critical or instable driving conditions such as oversteer, rollover or detachment of the tire from the wheel."

Judging by Teknikens Värld’s back-and-forth with Chrysler went after the 2012 Grand Cherokee’s moose test in July 2012, something tells me that this issue is far from over.


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