We pretty much just finished the Museum Secrets Part One video and Porsche has already graced us with part two of this awesome series. The Museum Secrets series is outlining the new storage facility for the Porsche Museum and also showing us a glimpse of some of the most awesome cars that pass through the museum.

Part One focused mainly on the storage facility and Porsche’s overall history, then showed us just one car, which was the first ever 911 Turbo. Part two, thankfully, focuses a lot more on the storage facilities contents – a ton of rare Porsches. The guys at Porsche outlined seven cars for us, some of which we never knew even existed.

The video’s pretty sweet and the cars are absolutely awesome, so check out the video. If you would like a quick peak at what’s in the video, click past the jump and you’ll see our quick summary on each car shown.

The list of cars is as follows:

996 Bulletproof: This is a later model 996 Carerra that was built to be 100 percent bulletproof, which obviously never made it into production. Its most stunning features are the fact that it looks identical to any 996 you will see on the road and that it weighs over three tons.

FLA Concept: this hatchback of sorts saw conception during the oil crisis of the 1980s and was an example to show just how economic and long-lasting a car could be. It looks rather interesting too.

908 Targa Florio Racecar: This car was raced in the Targa Florio race many years ago and Porsche just recently “discovered” it. Currently, the crew at the Porsche Museum are working on reconditioning it and getting it in running condition to show in October, just before the 2012 Targa florio race.

906 “Ollon-Villars” Hill Climb Racer: This car obviously raced in the Ollon-Villars Hill Climb and is now sitting in the storage facility. It is in its original condition, including all of the dent, dings and other damage incurred while racing.

924 World Record Car: Porshe was working on a turbocharged 924 to unseat Mercedes top speed world record. Unfortunately, Porsche caught wind that Mercedes was building a world record car to beat its own record, so it stopped the project in mid-stream. So, now you have a not-complete racer.

928 Convertible: We know, the Porsche 928 never came in a convertible. This was a prototype that never entered production, leaving it as a one-of-a-kind car.

984 “Porsche Junior”: In 1984 and 1985, Porsche was working on a roadster – the Boxster predecessor – and dubbed it the 984. The 984, of course, never saw the light of day, but its spirit lives on in the Boxster.

Source: Porsche Facebook Page

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