1983 was a great year for the automotive industry. Sure, the market was living its final Malaise Era years, but 1983 saw the introduction of several iconic vehicles, including the Ford Ranger, Chevrolet Blazer, Land Rover Defender, BMW M6, Toyota AE86, and the second-generation Volkswagen Golf. 1983 is also the year when legendary, British heavy metal group Iron Maiden released its ninth single, called "The Trooper." The track has been the subject of much praise since its release, and it’s still regarded as one of Maiden’s best song to date. So what’s a heavy metal track got to do with cars?

Well, nothing really, unless you’re an Iron Maiden fan and you like to listen to their songs while driving your car. However, "The Trooper" just made its debut — 21 years since its inception — as a track used to promote a vehicle. The initiative belongs to Porsche, who borrowed the fast-paced single to showcase the Panamera’s outstanding dynamic skills and its enticing exhaust note. I say "borrowed" because the Germans did not use the original song, but an instrumental cover played by chamber instruments.

Although dubbed "Heavy Metal Orchestra", the soundtrack has nothing to do with the actual genre. Not even the Panamera can be described as heavy metal considering its relatively low curb weight for the size, but at least there’s enough metal to justify the term. Hit the play button to listen to the Panamera’s engine "sing" alongside violins and cellos.


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