More often than not, videos that last over four minutes are probably 30 seconds to a minute too long, but not this one. In this case, four minutes just isn’t enough.

German automaker, Porsche, engaged in the concept of "motionless driving" by taking us on a unique and visceral experience that highlights the almighty Porsche 911. Porsche accomplished this through projection-mapping technology, a concept that highlights the emotions of driving a 911, all while doing it with a unique platform at the company’s Porsche Center Padova at an event where the 911 served as a projection screen for this rather amazing presentation.

This video is certainly worth your four minutes. Heck, after watching it, you might just ask for more time from Porsche. We won’t blame you because we feel the exact same way.

In any case, give it a watch and you’ll understand exactly what we’re talking about.


Source: Porsche

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