Learning how to handle a sports car can be pretty difficult, especially for an inexperienced driver. Lucky for us, most companies that produce such powerful models also offer driving lessons in their particular driving schools.

One such place is the Porsche Sport Driving School where drivers can spend up to three days learning how to properly drive their cars. The school is based in Silverstone and features three levels of training: Precision, Performance and Master. Depending on the one you will opt for, you will have to spend up to three days in the school learning how to behave behind the wheels of a Porsche sports car.

The guys over XCAR were invited by Porsche to follow a Precision course. The course simulates any kind of driving condition, ranging from a hot, sunny day and to bad weather and ultra-slippery conditions. The course also offers one-hour access to the legendary Silverstone Grand Prix circuit.

All you have to do is have fun!


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  (548) posted on 04.11.2013

Wow. The students will be lucky since they could be able to learn and drive a Porsche car. I wonder if they will learn faster than those who drive ordinary cars. It seems difficult to learn how to drive a sports car but I guess the instructor will be able to guide them in handling such challenges.

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