When a car is in its testing stages, most engineers will push it to the limits of survival, be it the icy cold terrain, the unbearing heat of Death Valley or the sharp corners at The Ring. They do it for a living. So they’re, what we call, "lucky"...

But not all tests can yield perfect tests. Like this Alfa Romeo 4C in the video above, for instance.

Most sportscars don’t really cooperate well under harsh weather conditions and slippery roads. This video proves just about that.

Thanks to the not-so-good traction on the road, the Italian sportscar had skidded and landed into a ditch by the side of the road- that’s what we assume- and looks like it is in need of a tow. Luckily, the engineers had a another car during the test.

Unluckily, that car was a prototype of what looks like a Maserati Ghibli, a car not exactly your everyday towing vehicle.

With the Alfa Romeo 4C production version launch delayed, Alfa can’t stand another setback like this. And neither do the handful of fans they have.


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