About a month ago, we wrote about a group of culinary chefs in Singapore who made an actual-sized F1 car from bread. While the feat in itself was impressive – the car was pretty delicious to look at too – we found at that building an F1 car from the most obscure of objects is a talent that those chefs share with a number of people.

The latest to take a stab in creating a Formula One replica car is Puma, which you may know, is the official clothing sponsor of Ferrari. For its part, Puma didn’t use anything edible to build the car; they used something that they had in mass abundance: Ferrari merchandise.

Take a look at the video and see how a couple of t-shirts, caps, and shoes ended up becoming a Ferrari F60.


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  (89) posted on 09.23.2009

That is sweet! those are some creative people.

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