Very few vehicles can match up against the mighty Ferrari Enzo and hold their own against the Italian supercar. So to give the Enzo an even more interesting challenge, ZR Auto and the Canadian Forces are teaming up for the 2012 Race the Base event at CFB Cold Lake in Alberta, Canada.

Considered as the ultimate speed weekend for auto enthusiasts, Race the Base will feature the fastest street-legal cars in the world participating in some of the most extreme competitions spread out in five different categories, including fastest standing mile, ultimate top speed, road course challenge, a wet drift challenge, and a sure to be entertaining freestyle donut challenge.

In addition to that, one of the highlight events of Race the Base 2012 - the event is scheduled on August 24-25, 2012 - will be a race between the Ferrari Enzo and a CF-18 Hornet. For those that don’t know, a CF-18 Hornet is a Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) fighter aircraft, based on the American McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet fighter). It is powered by two General Electric F404-GE-400 turbofans producing 16,000 lb-ft each.

We’ll be very interested to see how that race plays out and if we had a horse in this race, we’d be very weary putting some wood down on the Enzo, no matter how awesome it is.

Check out the preview video of Race the Base 2012!


Source: Race the Base

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  (502) posted on 02.21.2012

I’m excited for Race the Base which will held on August this year. I’m sure this will be a tough battle which will measure their ultimate maximum speed, wet-drift challenge and fastest standing mile. Car enthusiast will surely set an eye for this event.

  (321) posted on 02.20.2012

This is really the best. The race is on and the road tracks are heating up. Well, this could be a great race.

  (463) posted on 02.16.2012

Wow! This video is great. It showcases super cars in the world which participate in some of the most extreme competitions. This could be more exciting and fun to look at.

  (449) posted on 02.14.2012

Impressive design, it looks like an F1 model with the side skirts of a sedan, the fact that it bears the Ferrari emblem, I’m sure it’s powerful.

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