Video: Rally Fighter’s Somersault-And-Go Move Will Live Down In the Annals of Awesomeness

You only achieve a certain level of respect from the rest of the automotive world when you somehow end up in a precarious situation and, instead of letting a crash get the worst of you, you rise above it and soldier on.

That’s exactly what happened to the people behind the wheel of this Local Motors Rally Fighter. During the recent Parker 425 off-road race in Arizona last week, as the driver of the Rally Fighter somehow performs a memorable front somersault after hitting a bump on the desert trail. The Rally Fighter initially landed on its rear after the 360-degree flip and somehow, thanks to gravity, the racer got back up on all fours and sped away detached hood and all, as if the whole scene was planned all along.

Now, that’s how you turn a potentially horrific crash into an episode people will be talking about for years to come!


Source: YouTube - Vinny Mac

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  (548) posted on 04.16.2013

Unfortunately, Rally Fighter flips over video is not available since the account associated with this video has been terminated. It is a good thing that the driver was able to got back up after the incident has happened because car crash can happen in a road race anytime.

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