One thing that Tiff left out of the instructions was how to handle a jump. The driver of this Subaru Impreza looked like a pro flying through the air at over 100 MPH. It’s a shame that the Japanese automaker withdrew from WRC competition; they definitely established themselves as a serious automotive competitor through the all terrain racing series. Hopefully through their partnership with Toyota, the upcoming rear wheel drive sport compact will add a little more of that bad boy attitude back into their lineup.


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  (666) posted on 03.24.2010

That was a long jump did by subaru, good thing that the springs and shocks can handle that jump.

  (1332) posted on 02.1.2010

@anthonyevers37 - of course struts and stabilizers are need to be harden and re-enforced to withstand that enormous jump on the rally world.

  (1022) posted on 01.14.2010

wow that was a long jump, IMO if our car does that maybe it will landed piece by piece haha... it’s strut and stabilizers are really tough i can manage to stabilized that kind of jump.

  (180) posted on 06.15.2009

The WRC is the peak of anyone’s racing career. Aside from the fact that you get away with all the pride and recognition, you win $1M. Yey!

  (182) posted on 06.15.2009

The 8.7 percent stake that Toyota now holds is enough already to influence the way Impreza do their line of cars. I wonder what car would be born out of their partnership.

  (183) posted on 06.15.2009

Subaru Impreza has always been known in producing slightly upscale and well-equipped car unlike other compact cars there is. The design of Impreza has changed a lot since its debut in 1993.

  (177) posted on 06.15.2009

Wow! That video is so exhilarating. Yeah. It would have been very nice to be the person behind the steering wheels. But we all know why they don’t want to join the WRC. That’s because they Mitsu Evo gets to beat them everytime they try. lol.

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