A Formula One race car is capable of so many things, but we didn’t know that it could also carry a tune.

While promoting the 2013 Grand Prix of America, which will be held at the Port Imperial Street Circuit in Weehawken, New Jersey, Red Bull Racing gave its F1 racer the platform to sing, of all things, the Star-Spangled Banner.

In this video, the race car stretches its vocal chords with an impressive rendition of America’s national anthem, complete with high-pitches and dives that are eerily similar to how we sing our beloved anthem. Sure, there were some pitch issues here and there, but not enough to warrant scolding, especially when the singer in this instance, happens to be an actual race car.

Check out the video of Red Bull Racing’s F1 car doing its best Star-Spangled Banner rendition in the backdrop of the Statue of Liberty. Certainly, it doesn’t get any more American than this.


Source: Red Bull Racing

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