With reports recently surfacing suggesting that Renault may inject new life into the famous Alpine brand, despite our skepticism of it actually happening, a new video showcasing the newly-launched Alpine A110-50 Concept has been released. This video shows the vehicle following in the footsteps of its legendary predecessor, the original Alpine A110 Berlinette.

Before you discount this video, keep in mind that it’s not just simply a short video uploaded to YouTube where both cars were spotted together on the street. It is actually an all-out production conducted by Renault to help promote support for the rebirth of the Alpine brand by demonstrating just how far the French company has come since the Berlinette’s inception back in the ‘60’s.

Even though we have great difficulty in believing that these two Alpine’s were really driving along these mountain roads as the video suggests, it’s a great sight to see with two completely different sports cars, developed and constructed by the same company both of whom were and are extremely futuristic in their respective designs.

Additionally, it’s nice to see that Renault actually created a concept which can be driven, rather than one which will remain stationary for its entire life, only ever shifting position whilst being transported around the world to different automotive shows.


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  (4) posted on 07.10.2012

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